Chris McCarthy

Pianist, Composer, and Educator

After making waves in the Boston scene for the past four years with extensive experience as a bandleader and sideman, pianist and composer Chris McCarthy has just arrived in Brooklyn, where many new projects are beginning to brew. Described by Jerry Bergonzi as "one of those players everyone wants to have in their band," McCarthy regularly performs with many of Boston's finest musicians. After a two year stint with Bergonzi's band (Phil Grenadier, Luther Gray) every Monday at The Lily Pad from 2013-2015, Chris joined Jason Palmer's house band at Wally's Cafe, with Noah Preminger, Max Light, Simon Willson and Lee Fish. These weekly performances coupled with his undergraduate studies at New England Conservatory have molded him into the player he is today.

Upcoming projects include a trip to Trinidad with Akinola Sennon's band following the release of the record CONSOUMEH on Ropeadope records, a second weekend of recording with Jason Palmer's band at Wally's Cafe, engineered by Jimmy and Dina Katz, the recording of JAYU Quartet's first album, and McCarthy's debut record as a bandleader.